Sex Tip: The Gift of Orgasm

This week we are going to be tackling the idea of giving sex to someone you like. What does this mean? Well, think of it like giving a present on a birthday; except, for the purposes of this week’s Sex Tip, it’s a regular weekday – say a Thursday.

So what do we mean when we say giving sex? Let’s take one activity you can do, like a blow job, and go with that one.

So, imagine it being a regular Thursday afternoon. You and the fella are hanging out before class/work/lunch/whatever that starts in roughly 15 minutes.  In your mind, you know you don’t have enough time to fuck like you’d both like, but you want to do something. It’s that itch that can only be scratched by making and watching your guy get off.

This is the perfect time to give the gift of orgasm.  What the heck is that, some of you may ask. Well the gift of orgasm is just that: a gift with no expectation of one in return.  And the best part is, it can be done anywhere: on the couch, in the kitchen, in your bedroom, in the hallway… really it’s up to you. The point is to have fun and get off. Plus, he won’t even have to get fully naked for you to do the job! Just have him sit on a surface, unzip his pants, pull out his johnson, and Then kindly send him on his way.

The thing about the orgasm gift is that it is sexy making your man feel good. Just knowing you are giving him one of the most satisfying sensations can help you get off, too. In addition, he’ll have a clear mind for whatever he has to do post-blowjob.